Social Media Management

Social Media Management

  • Social media management – is the process of creating, scheduling, analyzing, and engaging with content posted on social media platforms.
  • Page/Profile setup Setup your individual page or profile on various social media channels (relevant to your business) and update them with accurate and relevant information.
  • Audience Research – A complete research to find out who is your targeted audience and pin point their attitudes, behaviours and habits.
  • Content Strategy – Create a social media strategy which fits your business strategy.
  • Define Goals – Build up a detailed plan to realise your social media strategy based on your business goals.
  • Regular Posts with Quality Images – Curate, create and deploy engaging posts.
  • Engaging Content – Reaching new potential customers with creative and unique content.
  • Analytics & Insights – Measurable ROI from your social media channels.


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Social Management Essential

Our starter package is ideal for startu-ups and small businesses that need some help getting started with digital marketing for their business to build awareness, trust and generate more leads. Our package is cost effective and you can stop at any time.

Social Management Standard

Our standard package has everything a small/medium size business need in order to maximize the ROI from their Digital Marketing efforts. We will manage your campaigns and content creation on a monthly basis, increase your conversions and lower your costs.

Social Management Premium

Our premium package is ideal for businesses that are ready to accelerate the growth of their business and need to increase the volume of leads and conversations, with advanced strategies we can reduce your current CPA and achieve all your business goals.